Kennel Stay Turned Dog Owner’s Worst Nightmare

Indy was our 2 year old Golden Retriever who was staying at a boarding facility in Spicewood, Texas when he reportedly went missing and was found buried on the property 9 days later.

What Happened?

We dropped Indy off at Lucki Dogs Pet Resort in Spicewood, Texas on June 19th, 2022. 

The kennel told our family that Indy “ran away” on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022.

Our family then reached out to TRAPRS (Trapping Rescue and Pet Recovery Service), a local non-profit organization that specializes in lost pet recovery.

For the next week, our family, TRAPRS team members, and many dedicated local volunteers, spent countless hours from sun up to sun down searching for Indy. 

We were continually lied to and essentially went on a wild goose chase throughout the area.

To our complete horror, on Friday, July 1st, 2022, Indy’s body was found, by TRAPRS team members and Indy’s Dad. He was found buried on the property of Lucki Dogs Pet Resort. They confirmed it was him by collar and microchip.

TRAPRS contacted the Burnet County Sheriff’s Department and there is now an active investigation to help us get #JusticeForIndy.

What now? How Can You Help?

Share Leads and Information

If you or anyone you know have any information or past experiences to share about Lucki Dogs Pet Resort in Spicewood, TX, please contact Deputy Sheriff Jason Jewett at the Burnet County Sheriff’s Department.

  • Have you had a dog go missing from the same place?
  • Do you have an experience to share?
  • Do you have any other information that could help us in this case?

Help Support Us

Your contribution will help our family with legal fees, Indy’s necropsy, working to pass legislation to prevent this nightmare from happening again, and any other costs incurred during this tragic time.

Any remaining funds will be donated to TRAPRS, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Join us on Team Indy

Sadly, we have found that the State of Texas, and much of the United States, has minimal regulation on pet boarding facilities, with no formal oversight. Insurance or registration is not required, and no regular inspections are performed.

We aim to pass legislation to have greater oversight of pet boarding facilities and to implement more stringent requirements on these types of businesses. Our mission is not only to get #JusticeForIndy, but to ensure this never happens to another family again.

We plan to push for the passage of an “Indy’s Law” to protect the lives of innocent pets left in the temporary care of boarding facilities.

Indy, we are going to make sure your horrible death was not in vain; your tragedy will save countless lives of other pets in the future.

Drop your email below and stay connected to our journey and help us work towards passing legislation to protect other families and their beloved furry family members.

I’m In For Indy

    All About Indy

    Indy was a happy-go-lucky-never-met-a-stranger-super-handsome, gigantic 2 year old Golden Retriever. Spoiled and beyond loved by his amazing family, he lived the good life getting all the pets, toys, and amazing adventures. 

    Indy was basically a human in dog form as he loved to watch television, loved sports and even knew how to start a movie on the computer! He was intelligent beyond measure; he was quite often dubbed as the smartest dog people had ever met. 

    Our family is beyond devastated, heartbroken and in complete disbelief that this happened. Indy was more than a family pet; he was a core member of our family and is missed beyond measure. 

    His energy and absolute love for life impacted everyone he met, somehow, even after his passing. He has saved our lives in more ways than one, and our world has been flipped upside down. He will be forever missed but never forgotten.

    Please help our family make sure no one has to endure something like this unspeakable heartbreak ever again. 


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